Comment 434 for bug 532633

Il giorno ven, 26/03/2010 alle 10.41 +0000, Imre Gergely ha scritto:
> @Pietro Battiston: I don't think you can be 100% sure that Debian (or
> any other distro) won't do something in the future you will dislike...

I'm 100% sure it won't do something that the majority dislikes,
justifying it with secret plans, because it has that obsolete but nice
form of government called "democracy". But we're OT.

> Just try to explain that she has to click on
> the left now to close the windows and not on the right, and she'll get
> it in notime and forget about it.

I don't think she'll get used, after 10 years of Windows/Ubuntu. But
even if she did, why should I make her exert useless effort?! I love my
grandma. But we're OT.

By the way, my grandma doesn't use skype and facebook, we're again OT.

I'm sorry _I_ triggered the OT: my contribute for this bug was and is
just "if you extend _your_ experience to general rules without good
reasons, you're only contributing to confusion", and that's all.