Comment 432 for bug 532633

Imre Gergely (cemc) wrote :

@Pietro Battiston: I don't think you can be 100% sure that Debian (or any other distro) won't do something in the future you will dislike...

Tech people think that non-techies (your grandmother) will ZOMG what happened to the buttons. Just try to explain that she has to click on the left now to close the windows and not on the right, and she'll get it in notime and forget about it. I have non-tech parents, too, with Ubuntu installed at home, and grandparents who learned how to use a mobile (at their age).

It's just us who are "too aware" about these things (us, who read these bugreports and comment way too much on them). Your grandma will probably think, "ummm there's no button here... but there! on the other side, that looks the same, let's click it and see what happens. Tadda!" She won't care, they've changed it, ok, she'll get used to it. If she can use a computer, she will figure it out.

It's still easier than Ctrl+W, Ctrl+Q, Alt+F4 or File/Quit ;)