Comment 397 for bug 532633

scholli (scholli-tz) wrote :

In my opinion the most are more nightmares than value arguments. I am tester and since Alpha 3 I am using Lucid with all default from home. Than the new Brand come and I had the buttons left. I was surprised, but I gave it a change. Till today I haven't noticed any contra-productivity, inconsistence or other problems. It's simply on the left. It's all. I like the idea of looking different than Mac, Windows or even other Distros. In this form I never saw the buttons. The next positive surprise was that I am moving less the mouse.

But everybody haves different opinions of that. Nobody knows really how much peoples are pro and how much are in contra. The easiest would be to put it to the right and forget all about. This would be a great pity, because we lose directly the change of give Ubuntu a new face and identity in this little detail. (KDE/Gnome works different than Windows - why the buttons must be same like in Windows).

So my hopes are that Canonical is doing a scientific test separately and get the award they need for the final decision. This threat owns more opinions than value datas. That's fact.