Comment 388 for bug 532633

On 23/03/10 13:36, Kasimir Gabert wrote:
> Mark: Stating that these design decisions are good because ``the people
> who made them are good'' is some pretty poor logic---an appeal to
> authority if I'm not mistaken.

I didn't say the decision is good because the people are good. I am
fairly quick to admit my own fallibility, and under pressure might even
admit the fallibility of my colleagues too. It's not yet clear whether
this decision will stand the test of time, or not.

However, I did say that:

 - I and others appreciate the feedback and the passion
 - we have a mandate to make decisions of this nature
 - we have reason to pursue this change, and are running it through the
beta to evaluate it
 - we know it's controversial. more controversy doesn't help, data might
 - if we think this will stick for two years or more, doing it now makes
more sense than less

We've made other decisions in the past that were controversial. The
current layout of the standard GNOME desktop, for example, was quite
controversial at the time. Till GNOME and then other distros adopted it.
Some of those decisions missed the mark, some stuck.