Comment 384 for bug 532633

I have been silently watching the debate/debacle, and I would like to suggest the name for Lucid Lynx be changed to Livid Lynx, because the vast majority of people are livid about it. ;)

As a computer user for over 32 years, changing the button order and location for unspecified reasons is an unwise move in my opinion. Mark and Canonical are certainly entitled to do as they wish, but so am I. I will not use the gconf hack because I believe that while this may temporarily solve one issue; and it may indeed only contribute to the further breaking of the overal UI experience because of the burron order/position being implemented by those responsible for the changes of the UI. I'm already using a more popular operating system at work where I must constantly "band-aid" and "fix" shoddy programming. I won't do that at home or for my clients.

If the order/position does not change back in Ubuntu before the final release, I will simply move on to straight Debian, leaving Ubuntu behind. I agree with the sentiments of those who have posted on the various message boards, blogs, emails, and in this very bug post here; on the negative things that this will cause for Ubuntu, Canonical and users. This will not make people who were loyal stay, and it certainly won't entice Windows users to switch. Most of the public is very, very, very non-technical. Lucid Lynx will soon become the same albatross to Canonical that Vista was to Microsoft.

Clearly, there is a division and a schism that transcends far beyond merely button order/positions; and while such changes are major (though all too-often I've seen them called "trival", trust me, they are not...); what is even more major than this change is the fact that these changes were snuck in ala Microsoft-style right before the freeze. This tells me that people KNEW this would go over like a lead balloon.

Ubuntu the OS is technically based on Debian.
Ubuntu the community is based on the Ubuntu philosophy of "humanity to others". Making major changes, and especially sneaking them in, is counter-productive to all involved. It is also inhumane to do because of the imposed learning curve and the very real potential for breakage of related UI systems because of this fundamental change to the UI.

Try changing "File Edit View" to "googlimaxmus Fredricktar and Jimjombjam". It's only a "trival" change. No one will get upset, and if they do, well, they are just being unreasonable.