Comment 360 for bug 532633

chris109 (chris109) wrote :

> Pako wrote 5 hours ago: #341
> I'm sure it took you at least 15 minutes to write this comment, to change the button layout will take you less than 15 seconds.

- And you have to change it every time it every time you set up a computer.

- And you have to explain how to change it to every user who's is switching from Windows to Ubuntu.

- And you will spend a lot more time to answer to new Ubuntu users, asking in a forum how to change it.

There is no reason for this new default button arrangement. Doing things different just to be different is stupid. (Sorry, for that.) Most people look for the buttons on the top right corner of a window and it's always a sign of good user interface design to match peoples expectations as often as possible.

Personally I support every change, which has a reasonable background. This change doesn't.