Comment 354 for bug 532633

scholli (scholli-tz) wrote :

Inconsistence: I don't think here is a inconsistence, because the close-button is still on the right.

Customs: If somebody works with a Mac and use at home Ubuntu or via Dualboot... I never heard complaints about it. I think it's better to have a own face than have the same face like the majority of the Operating Systems. Many peoples don't like change customs, but it's life and that isn't really grave. Buy a new car and you have to learn again.. never mind.

Accidentally clicking: The close-button is glowing red! and totally outstanding. Please don't invents nightmare-histories.

Chantage: It's rude and nobody get afraid of it.

Newcomers: The don't know how easy is the change from left to right with gconf-editor, even they don't know that this exist. It's true. So they will work with the default-setting and the will custom on it. Hope that a setting in the preferences or a ratio-button will included somewhere.

etc. etc.

I am totally agree with the post #321. The functionally don't suffer any misery. It's only a habit-point that peoples don't want. But how to get a new face if you can't change it without forcing learn new habits. At first nearly everybody shout loud, but with time the noise disappear and they accept the new face of Ubuntu. Maybe they see and recognize that left have positive points, too. For my part I am moving less the mouse and I like it.

Hope that the design-team don't get afraid to do what they think to do and give Ubuntu a new, nice and recognize face.

respectfully Scholli