Comment 353 for bug 532633

Yann (lostec) wrote :

"Way up the list there was a post about system admins wouldn't implement this release because of the button issue using productivity as an excuse. I would hope that if a system administrator thought this would have a negative impact on his/her coworkers, then he/she would have the sense to look up the fix"

The problem is this kind if change will trigger more and more patches from Debian base to keep global interface/application coherence: At least all tabbed applications will probably soon have their tab close button go left for instance.

So in a near future this problem will not be solved by a few lines of configuration added to gconf (or gconf-editor will start to look like regedit!), for each users (no global setting possible): That's an unpredictable hassle for people who make long term predictable choice, imo a deal breaker.

Ubuntu servers took market shares... desktop not really.

2 reasons:
-It's long term choice and next Ubuntu will only be third LTS (compare to Red-Hat history...): Maybe we were at the end of the observation period.
-Maybe having 1 year to switch after only 2 years (3 years support and 2 years between LTS desktop releases) is too often: Compare to Red-Hat (about 7 years support) or windows (XP: 2001-2014): Maybe having the same support time for desktop and server LTS (5 years) could help.

Now, we add a third reason... Ubuntu desktop will not go corporate this way :-(