Comment 345 for bug 532633

I guess Ubuntu feels a desire to stand out. I can't really think of any other (sane) reason behind this change of window control button order. I actually don't care that much whether these control buttons are on the left or the right side. To be honest, I think its more consistent that they are placed on the right hand side, as we have the scroll bar at that side. However, IF these buttons are to be placed at the left side, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, put the close window button in the corner! When I want to close a window, I aim my mouse at the corner of the window (doesnt really matter if its left or right), but its absolutely critical to have the button in the actual corner! It is a complete mystery that the Ubuntu designers don't understand this! Please, aim for consistency and swallow your pride: This has to be changed back for the final release of lucid, or you are making a huge mistake.