Comment 33 for bug 532633

This bug description mentions two completely separate issues: the window buttons and the window title. On the other hand, discussion seems to be completely about the buttons. I suggest editing the description to simplify things and maybe filing another bug if there is another regression caused by the position of the window title.

As well as being against the standard approach to how we manage bugs, putting both issues in one report is unfair to the other wishlist items being marked as duplicates of this one.
The window title position is a considerably less polarizing issue and one that _is_ controlled by individual themes (instead of gconf settings).

There's also the question of whether this is about the order of the buttons or just the side of the window they are on. The order of the buttons is what breaks other Metacity themes, while the side of the window is what really hurts muscle memory. I'm assuming you want them both back, but again, clarification in the bug description would go a long way.