Comment 310 for bug 532633

scholli (scholli-tz) wrote :

Aigars that is the wonderful thing that all is left. The start-menu on the panel. The windows with their control-buttons, the menu, the toolbar-icons, most important bookmarks, tabs, ... Wow, it's really faster work with it. I never clicked bad, because I look quickly and target well... like always. The scrollbar is on the right - it's a one-moment action to come to the point in a long list I wont to be. From there I use the wheel of the mouse for slight moves on the page. If I have open windows (inactive and above) they are situated generally on the right side of the screen. So I can click on them to activate without running in danger to click some of the control-buttons. Maybe the close-button on outside side would improve the stuff a little bit more, but I can work with the current positions well, too. I noticed, too that many peoples at first was shouting against, but than they gave a try and they changed their opinion... like me.

I know Ubuntu since the beginning as something different, better and this is why I like Ubuntu so much against the rest.