Comment 306 for bug 532633

@Mark Shuttleworth (if you still check this)
Given the amount of disappointment, I (as well as the design team) would listen to what people are saying, but of course, you said it wasn't reasonable to do so for the future (for new features). Then at least give our thoughts *some* consideration.

Since the decision is to put the buttons on the left now, the only logical, and understandable action to take would be to completely mirror the original layout onto the left. Therefore making the order, Close - maximize - minimize. Note that this still isn't the same as OSX. (OSX-Close, Minimize, Maximize)

Now, I can see you give the counterpoint that it's in the same order on the left as it is on the right. Sure it's a valid point, but the brain still tends to want to click the [left] corner to close, because it used to be in a corner originally.

I still don't understand what is holding us back from keeping the button layout on the left, but in a different order. If you could explain, it would be great, so people, like me, will stop worrying and trying to give counterpoints in an attempt to persuade somebody, that might, or might not be listening. (It's like firing a gun a night)

There should not be any reason to not make a huge change, slightly less easier to adapt to.

Thanks, and I hope you and the design team will still consider some sort of change to the order.. of course, if you had the time to read this.