Comment 303 for bug 532633

@Mark Appier,
I couldn't agree with you more. The reason there are so many comments is because people do feel passionate about Ubuntu, which implies they are doing something very right. I love customizing my desktop and understand that if i want to change something, I can.

It doesn't matter if I like the button placement by default or not. I have the option to change it.

My problem is with people who are seriously offended because ubuntu has made a design change which they (ubuntu) believe will help them advance linux desktop usability and differentiate the product from dozens of other run of the mill distros.

You need to understand. Ubuntu has done leaps and bounds for the usability image of linux based OSes. They got to where they are by doing what they were doing all along. Why now should the process change? People shouldn't feel a god-given sense of entitlement to control the development decisions. The code is open, you can make your own changes to the interface, you can even contribute ideas and suggestions.

It's fine if people disagree, but disagree respectfully. Offer a ppa or workaround option. Show something quantifiable.

I feel glad knowing that there are so many passionate open source users. Just do it logically and with taste is my advice.