Comment 296 for bug 532633

Honestly people. Really? This whole thread has devolved into watching a flock of birds peck at one another. Trying to belabor this process to death by having a running popularity contest of who likes what where won't convince anybody of anything. I would be willing to go out on a limb and suggest that everyone who has posted to this tread thinks the same thing now as before they posted.

I in fact have been employed within the field of human computer interaction. This type of change just really isn't that significant. It is annoying to relearn, but so is everything else ever so subtly different between any two systems. Haven't you ever sat down at a friends computer and felt the psychological discomfort that comes from having different programs installed, short-cuts in different locations, and configuration settings slightly different?

My hat's off to the whole Ubuntu community for building a hell of a system. My hat is off, and will remain so, to Mark S. for his generosity in funding Canonical and the Ubuntu community with his personal resources, including his time and his wealth. Show some gratitude and stop acting like my six year old.

Mark and the design team are making a tough call. That's what they do. That's why they are in the positions they inhabit. Even wolves and lions recognize that any group needs leaders. In the end, a committee creates excellent dialogue, but the chairperson has to make the decisions and live with the results.

My two cents suggest that the current position of the close button on the right side of the three windowing buttons 'feels' wrong. The buttons were kept in the same order as on the right, but simply moved to the left. Understanding the danger of using the same layout as Mac OS X, and the comments of copying and emulation that will undoubtably ensue, the close button seems to belong in the corner. However, its not my call. I love enough about Ubuntu not to get in a huff over one issue. If a persons commitment to something can't even weather one issue failing to meet expectations, then their commitment was zero anyway.

Thank you again to everybody who has worked so hard to make Lucid such a well developed system, especially those whose contributions have spanned not only this release, but all those that came before - those long hours of incremental improvement have made this a highly anticipated release in my Free Software experience.