Comment 253 for bug 532633

Forgive me if I'm confusing this bug with the one about moving buttons back to the right side of the window, but I actually like this order:

gconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string "minimize,maximize:close"

It seems to me that there is some argument is around having the close button so close to non-destructive menus. So why not move it back on the right and leave the other two on the left? I'm finding that I kind of like having minimize and maximize over on the left, just not close so much.

FWIW, I do prefer minimize on the left of the maximize button. I can't really explain why.. it just seems right. It could just be an i've-always-had-it-this-way thing. I can't be sure.

Would it be possible to put a new tab in the Appearance capplet to control position of the window manager buttons? Maybe if we make this easily configurable (via GUI) it will enough for people? It'd be nice to have a little preview of what the top border would look like and allow the buttons to be dragged to different positions.