Comment 236 for bug 532633

@Mark Shuttleworth

> There's a job waiting for you at a tabloid, if that's how you treat
> commentary. Isolating snippets and using them out of context is just rude.

So, instead of answering him, you criticize him of "taking quotes out of context" when I looked and saw that, amazingly, he didn't. Instead of shutting out suggestions, maybe actually read them. Now, if you like it, that's fine, it's your very own look and feel for your distribution, but take some consideration into the feelings, comments, and suggestions of people who actually use it. I most relate this to a quote: "I've never lived in a building without my name on it." - Ivanka Trump. And it seems like you won't use a distribution without your name all over it. Well, at least I hope you eat your own dog food.