Comment 218 for bug 532633

On 18/03/10 17:36, bigbrovar wrote:
> Are you saying that those who think that the new design of windows
> button placement does not suit them, should take a walk and find
> another distro?

No. I'd rather they joined this thread and the ayatana list and
discussed options and ideas there. I wasn't saying "if you don't like
it, take a hike", I was acknowledging Pablo's point that ultimately
users *do* vote, by choosing products that work best for them.

> You might ask how can we know if users are happy with this design
> choice without first trying it and see from their feedbacks if it
> helped make their lives easier?

That's very hard to guage from the initial reaction. There have been a
lot of people who said, in effect, "EEEK CHANGE". There have been others
who said "I got used to it and haven't seen any major problems that I
was worried about, like accidentally closing apps". It would be useful
to get data. A mailing list or bug thread isn't data, though it's still

> True but you really don't want to perform such a test on an LTS which
> is the version of Ubuntu that is adopted by enterprise users. Even
> though I feel this change is a solution looking for a problem. Still I
> am not against giving it a try in one of the in between LTS releases
> and using the feedback generated as input on whether such a move would
> benefit the user or not.

The fact that this is an LTS cuts both ways. If I'm confident that
10.10, 11.04 and future releases will have the controls on the left, it
makes even more sense to do it now (because the LTS will then not look
dated compared to newer releases). As a precedent, we shipped Firefox
3.0*beta* for 8.04 LTS, which caused an uproar but was the right
decision given that 2.0 was nearing its end of life at the time.

>> Look, I understand this is risky. In my judgment, it's worth the risk.
> Serious Mark you really think making this risky decisions for an LTS release is worth it? seriously?

Yes, very much.

> Consistency is the biggest problem of free desktop we always move the
> post to many times.

Much as it undermines my position, I have to agree.