Comment 204 for bug 532633

On 18/03/10 14:31, Pablo Quirós wrote:
> I've read someone who, regarding this matter, said that he is tired of
> designers telling him how he should use his computer. And he is right. I
> think you are wrong in one thing: you say this is not a democracy, but,
> in the end, it is. Design is a democracy. If users don't like a design,
> if they are unhappy with it, or it makes their life worse, it has no
> sense at all. Design is for users, and if they don't like it, it's
> failing.

Yes, design is a democracy in the sense that users vote with their feet
- they choose the products that work well for them. If we fail badly
with this, or any other piece, they will go somewhere else, and we lose.

Look, I understand this is risky. In my judgment, it's worth the risk.
Being able to tackle risky things is one of the things that gives us the
chance to catch up to the big guys, and beat them. That doesn't mean we
should be cavalier, but I'm not going to shy away from an opportunity to
do something much better now just because Microsoft did something a
particular way 20 years ago.