Comment 202 for bug 532633

On 18/03/10 14:01, dariocaruso wrote:
> We have for example ubuntu brainstorm, forum, and other ways to comment
> your work, but please, you have to say at all community exactly what we can
> say about the project and what we can do for canonical EXACTLY.

Brainstorm is great, and lots of good comes out of it. There are many
cases where knowing what lots of people think, or creating a forum for
*anybody* to publish their ideas, is useful.

My point to fewt is simply that there are also many areas where we
explicitly don't run things by vote or consensus.

Ubuntu is plenty big enough that there is an area where anybody can make
themselves an expert, take on responsibility, and lead. But it's also
big enough that if we try to make everybody feel like they can weigh in
on *every* decision, we'll grind to a halt.

This is a flashpoint, but most decisions are not as contentious as this
one. I'm backing this decision because I think it's the right one in the
long term. It may be right, it may be wrong, but I have a mandate to
take the decision. The same is true of our kernel lead, and our
community governance leads. They are fallible (I certainly am) but they
are nevertheless empowered to take decisions.