Comment 196 for bug 532633

I believe everyone has the right to comment on the issues at hand but if you cant think up a reason against it other than
A. "Im not used to it"
B. "Its not like how windows does it"
C. Misquoting fitts law
then you shouldnt comment at all. Trolling and repeating the same reasons isnt at all helpful.

A. where in this thread did I say that?
B. where in this thread did I say that?
C. where in this thread did I do that?

Let me tell you something, my friend. If lies and backtracking are the only way for you to defend this fiasco,
then probably it is you who is the troll.

You ask for reasons against moving the window buttons? How about reasons FOR it? other than Shuttleworth's vague hand-waving at experiments for 10.10?