Comment 161 for bug 532633

Having the buttons on the left is not just aesthetic it is a functional flaw... I attempt to click on File or Edit and accidentally close a window I am working in. Ubuntu is for humans not geeks... correct? Why would a functional change such as this be kicked down? Why would it be automatic. Will the gconf fix work going forward or will another subsequent update revert the style back? I do believe reading through the comments that the users do not like the change. This is X not Mac.

Aside from that if the attempt was to make it Mac-ish the order on a Mac is close:minimize:maximize
(looking at my mac)

I've been working with linux since 1996... I love linux distros because they are different. I love them because you can customize. I love Ubuntu because over the years working with other distros I have learned much but do not want to 'have' to customize for a functional system. Please do not break the UI.

I know to some it may seem a 'very' small issue but some of us have grown very frustrated with the location of the window buttons. I did just now (I was waiting for the official fix) use the gconf fix posted earlier, thank you for that. Again, I am using Ubuntu so I do not have to customize for a well configured and functional system.

It works out of the box. Which is perhaps a major factor for enterprise acceptance. In the enterprise this item will most likely get reverted... so... I leave it in your capable hands.