Comment 158 for bug 532633

What really sad is, is the fact that peoples won't changes. For example in my country (Germany) there are many peoples they don't like changes in customs... they don't like new versions of programs or new versions of an OS. For that reason still are many peoples who still uses Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6. But think about that it's a absolutely nonsense.
If the buttons are on the right or on the left, the most persons still stay with XP or old versions of Ubuntu etc. Newcomers don't watch there the buttons are, they look more if their hardware runs out the box or they can be satisfied with offered applications ... all escorted with a good stability. ... we put so much importance in something what is quite irrelevant in the end.

# 155:
I am running Alpha 3 and it's very good for be an Alpha. I really don't know what that "going down" means? It's the best Ubuntu I have seen right now. ;)