Comment 154 for bug 532633


Ubuntu is Ubuntu. It isn't a Mac-OS and it isn't a Windows-OS. It hasn't to be similiar with any Operating Systems like Android, Win, Mac, BeOs, ... The most Peoples comes from Windows and if it isn't the same they will return to Windows is a bad and old argument. If I install another OS I know that have to be different... if I start my Computer and it's only Ubuntu installed or I choose it with Grub, so I know that I am starting a own-kind-working Operating System. We talk only about the buttons, but Gnome is different in behavior, like Mac, Windows, KDE etc. haves different functionalities in their usabilities-mechanisms. The arguments against that try to be reasonable, but in the end they aren't. Nobody says that Gimp has to work similar as PhotoShop, because in his work he is working with it. Linux (Gnome) is different to the rest and Ubuntu a little more... but that is not a bug, it's a pretty nice feature! ,)