Comment 151 for bug 532633

I don't think anyone's purposes are served by approaching this as an "or" question and dwelling on personal and pseudo-logical reasons for supporting one form or another. Some people like the previous Windows-style setup; others are fond of the left, OSX-like orientation.

As we've seen from the workaround, this issue can be addressed and changed very simply with the modification of a single key. Why not simply make this an option, just a radio button in the course of the setup or even upgrade procedures? The customizability is, itself, a selling point, a point of differentiation for Ubuntu as compared to other OSes.

This shouldn't be "LEFT BAD, RIGHT GOOD" or vice versa- just give the end user the *option* of how they want their UI to work, and don't change that default without consulting the user. As Google so recently learned (Buzz...), it's far better to allow users the option to Opt-In to new or changed functionality than to make assumptions.