Comment 118 for bug 532633

It's nice to get some comeback on this, but we still don't understand the reasoning behind the decision. If there is stuff coming in 10.10 that might necessitate moving the buttons, and you can't tell what they are - fair enough, but why not make the change in 10.10!

The usability _is_ impaired with this change. I've made this comment in a few places and I'll make it again. Compatibility - users ought to be able to use knowledge gained from other systems, the positioning and layout are like nothing else so this usability quality is violated. Coherence - Firefox, Nautilus and I daresay other applications all have close on the right.

I stuck with the new layout until tonight. I had to change back it just wasn't working for me.

How about this - use the massive interest in this issue to get some people interested in doing proper usability tests with a view to changing things in 10.10 if that's what the testing indicates would be best.