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Jeffrey Walton (noloader) wrote : Re: [Bug 2020814] Re: xmllint does not recognize emdash (—)

On Thu, May 25, 2023 at 5:35 PM Thorsten Glaser
<email address hidden> wrote:
> I doubt this is a bug: nowhere do you pass the validator a DTD, and
> entities are defined in the DTD.
> It’s best practice nowadays to not use entities but just write the UTF-8
> characters directly.
> An em dash surrounded by hair spaces is: “ — ” (for your copy/paste
> convenience)

I think you are right - this is not a bug. I took a quick peek at RFC
3470, and I don't see where HTML entity references are optional.

Sorry about that. I got some bad info off the internet (surprise,
surprise). It said to use the character entity reference for emdash
due to portability problems when using the character itself.