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Bug #43066: Window list behaves bad when panel is vertical. Medium Confirmed 449 weeks

From: Craig Shelley
Link: tasklist-orientation-fix.patch

Fix Task List Orientation Vertical Flicker

Bug #531866: tooltips on window list should be changed or removed Low Triaged 491 weeks

From: Jason J. Herne
Link: libwnck_tasklist_tooltip_fix.patch

Patch to make Window List only display tooltips if task name is ellipsized

Bug #39328: Disable scrolling on window list to flip through windows Wishlist Triaged 527 weeks

From: Marcus Carlson
Link: scroll_gui.patch

Adds gui for changing scrolling behaviour

Bug #150690: Can't drag a window to another workspace Wishlist Triaged 535 weeks

From: Marcus Carlson
Link: betterpatch.diff


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