Comment 12 for bug 145704

This was interesting. So I changed the Workspace Switcher configuration and remember entering "8" workspaces, and 2 rows. And afterwards hover over each read: Desk 1 Desk 2, Desk 3, Desk 4 but for the second row it read: Workspace 5, Workspace 6, Workspace 7, and Workspace 8.

I then was going to update this bug report, but wanted to document the steps on how to recreate, and now I cannot get the original configuration. Now when I right-click -> Preferences i am asked for Columns and Rows (4, columns, 2 rows), instead of the Number of Workspaces (8 total) that I had entered previously. And now, hover over each of the 8 workspaces shows "Desk 1", just like the original bug reported. Not sure where it was that I entered the "8" into, but wanted to document this here should it possibly be relevant.