Activity log for bug #145704

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2007-09-27 17:12:07 edu jose bug added bug
2007-09-27 21:07:24 Sebastien Bacher gnome-panel: importance Undecided Low
2007-09-27 21:07:24 Sebastien Bacher gnome-panel: assignee desktop-bugs
2007-09-27 21:07:24 Sebastien Bacher gnome-panel: status New Incomplete
2008-02-19 08:53:20 Travis Watkins libwnck: status Incomplete New
2009-02-16 17:27:20 Pedro Villavicencio libwnck: status New Incomplete
2009-04-22 22:04:48 Sebastien Bacher libwnck (Ubuntu): status Incomplete Confirmed
2009-06-28 20:19:05 Magnus Lundborg bug task added hundredpapercuts
2009-11-28 14:21:18 Vish hundredpapercuts: importance Undecided Low
2009-11-28 14:21:18 Vish hundredpapercuts: status New Triaged
2009-11-28 14:21:18 Vish hundredpapercuts: milestone lucid-round-10
2009-11-28 14:21:39 Vish hundredpapercuts: status Triaged Confirmed
2009-11-30 19:45:53 David Siegel hundredpapercuts: milestone lucid-round-10 lucid-round-9
2010-05-05 19:23:06 Stewart G. attachment added Untitled.png
2010-06-09 19:54:28 Stephen Gornick attachment added ws-switcher-post-anomoly.jpg
2010-06-09 19:55:04 Stephen Gornick attachment added ws-switcher-post-logout.jpg
2011-01-29 02:32:55 Chris Wilson hundredpapercuts: milestone lucid-round-9
2012-02-20 08:08:02 Daniel van Vugt bug task added compiz-core
2012-02-20 08:08:11 Daniel van Vugt compiz-core: status New Confirmed
2012-05-18 08:59:13 Sam Spilsbury compiz: status New Confirmed
2012-06-14 15:28:17 Chris Wilson hundredpapercuts: status Confirmed Incomplete
2012-06-14 21:20:07 Chris Wilson hundredpapercuts: status Incomplete Invalid
2012-06-16 21:23:27 edu jose attachment added Gnome Classic's workspace selector tooltips behavior
2012-06-16 22:13:45 Chris Wilson bug task added gnome-panel (Ubuntu)
2012-06-16 22:14:03 Chris Wilson summary Same tooltip on both workspaces when using Compiz Same tooltip on both workspaces when using Gnome Classic
2012-06-16 22:14:10 Chris Wilson gnome-panel (Ubuntu): status New Confirmed
2012-06-17 15:00:40 Redfish bug added subscriber Redfish
2012-06-17 15:00:46 Redfish removed subscriber Redfish
2012-06-17 20:05:33 nbv4 bug added subscriber nbv4
2012-06-17 20:05:36 nbv4 removed subscriber nbv4
2012-06-17 21:34:50 Chris Wilson description To reproduce: Use Compiz effects, either normal or extra. Put the mouse over any of the two workspaces in the switcher, both show the same tooltip: "Current workspace: Workspace 1". It doesn't happens when using no effects (just plain metacity wm): tooltips in the switcher are different for each workspace, and correct. In Gnome Classic (or Gnome Fallback) under Ubuntu 12.04, workspace switcher's tooltip always say "Current workspace: Workspace 1", though there are four workspaces by default. For an image of this, please look at comment #19. This happened in Gnome 2.x, and seems to continue now in Gnome 3.x.
2012-07-03 19:14:40 Michał Gołębiowski-Owczarek removed subscriber Michał Gołębiowski
2015-09-18 06:00:36 Eleni Maria Stea compiz: status Confirmed Won't Fix
2015-09-18 06:00:42 Eleni Maria Stea compiz-core: status Confirmed Won't Fix