Comment 14 for bug 110899

Peter Adolphs (futzilogik) wrote :

@zurgutt: Ok, but reading it again, I think the original post here is actually really only about this very feature request, namely, using the Workspace Switcher to display both screens and use it to move applications from one screen to another.

@Andruk: The number of workspaces is a general window manager setting. I agree it's confusing (see also, but I think it's a separate issue for which you should open a separate Launchpad bug report if there is none already.

I suggest to reopen one of the duplicates, e.g. bug #139676 or bug #152091, for the issue that the workspace switcher on screen :1 is displaying screen :0 because it's a different issue. I've also created a new upstream bug for this: which should be linked with the reopened bug #139676 or bug #152091. As mentioned above, I also think the upstream bug gnome-bugs #552744 linked here is about something else (I haven't seen an upstream bug for the feature request). And this bug here could be closed, if noone has an interest in the feature requested.