Comment 47 for bug 495394

Excerpts from Serge Hallyn's message of Tue Jul 19 19:47:40 UTC 2011:
> @Franck78
> no doubt, counterintuitive :) it means that the upstart job has
> finished, though.
> Thanks for the infi. If you find a new bug responsible, please feel
> free to open a new bug.

That is indeed quite counter-intuitive.. a result of naming a
task something that sounds more like a state. It should be named

The 'stopped networking' bit should go away in oneiric. I'm polishing
off the last bits of a new event, 'static-network-up', which means
all interfaces marked 'auto' in /etc/network/interfaces are "up". This
should allow things that can't handle transient network interfaces to
at least try to start at the right time, which is, for the most part,
what 'start on stopped networking' is an attempt to do.