Comment 5 for bug 456602

Boris Devouge (bdevouge) wrote :

My experience on fully updated karmic amd64 kvm host:

- an ubuntu 8.04 LTS i386 guest crashes constantly (VM simply goes *poof* and disappears after 5 to 10 minutes uptime)
- 9.10 amd64 guest lives

Now what is interesting relating to the 'acpi' suggested cause is:

- All 2 guests have <acpi/> defined in their xml definitions
- Pressing the 'Shutdown' button on the 9.10 guest has no effect
- Pressing the 'Shutdown' button on the 8.04 LTS guest works and shuts the VM

I have the same messages in logs:

libvirtd: 03:02:32.711: error : qemudDomainGetMemoryBalloon:3117 : operation failed: could not query memory balloon allocation

Happy to provide more info.