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Seyeong Kim (seyeongkim) wrote : virsh api is stuck when vm is down with NFS borken


virsh command is hang if there is broken VM on broken NFS

[Test Case]

1. deploy VM with NFS storage ( running )
2. block NFS via iptables
- iptables -A OUTPUT -d NFS_SERVER_IP -p tcp --dport 2049 -j DROP ( on host machine )
3. virsh blkdeviotune generic hda => hang
4. virsh domstats => hang
5. virsh list => lang

After patch, we can command domstats and list with short timeout. and libvirt-bin needs to be restarted. so if there are many VMs it will be affected short time while it is restarting.


This bug is fixed in redhat bug report[1] and mailing list[2] and git commit[3][4][5]