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vrs (vrs-brt) wrote :

When I type in dash search box and press Enter to run the first search result, previous search result often is launched.

You need to type fast or have slow pc to recreate problem.
I can repeat it on my i5 without much effort.

To recreate (fresh ubuntu 12.04):
1. press Win key
... dash search opens
2. type "te" in the box; after a second press Enter
... application "terminal" was found meantime and it was launched as first result ... as expected.
3. press win key
... dash search opens, showing last result with "terminal" first
4. type "ge" in press Enter.
... (A) if you were slow - dash found application gedit, put it as first choice and launched it .. as expected
... (B) if you were fast - dash did not yet process "ge" query and launched last result (terminal).

When I type "gedi" in search box and press Enter, I definitely do not want Terminal to be launched.
This is how I see it implemented:
- while typing in search criteria Dash should remove search results that become invalidated. (i.e. typing "g" would keep "gnome terminal" in the search result, but typing "ge" would remove it). Removing already found entries should be fast. Enter event should not be processed until search result is validated with current filter box value.

There are a few related bugs filed:
#749428 - complain was that "unity should wait until searching is finished". This was fixed and resulted in very slow response ("finishing" took a few seconds).
#966417 - complain was that "application launch time increased" due to previous fix.

This bug report does not request "search to be finished" (which can take long), rather "remove invalid search results" before processing "Enter" (which should be fast).