Comment 5 for bug 926940

Chris B (billington-chris) wrote :

The first time a user unaware of the ability of Libreoffice to open .vsd files tries to double-click on the .vsd file, a Nautilus dialog 'searching for application to open file' appears, and concludes with 'Visio document is not supported'.

However, if user forces opening with Libreoffice (in my case Writer, first of all) then an association to .vsd is created to Writer (but the file is opened directly in Draw). Files can then be double-clicked and opened correctly in LO Draw.

Further attempts to open with other application (right-click, open with other application, 'find applications online' results in the same message 'Visio Document is not supported'.

If 'cancel' is then clicked (the only option) then a dialog
'Failed to look for applications online'
is displayed.

Well worth fixing this as the ability to reliably open Visio documents removes a major blocker for business users migrating from Windows to Ubuntu/Libreoffice/Linux