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In , Björn Michaelsen (bjoern-michaelsen) wrote :

Because in some places also StringLists are needed as resources, I had to change the API has to take care of that too. Here is an updated example:

Sub Main
dim xSM
dim xContext
dim xRessouceIndexAccess as Object
dim xStringIndexAccess as Object
dim xStringListIndexAcess as Object
dim pv() as Object

dim aArgs(0)
aArgs(0) = "svt"

xSM = GetProcessServiceManager()
xResourceIndexAccess = xSM.createInstanceWithArguments( _
 "org.libreoffice.resource.ResourceIndexAccess", _
xStringListIndexAccess = xResourceIndexAccess.getByName("StringList")
pv = xStringListIndexAccess.getByIndex(16633)
msgbox pv(0).Name
msgbox pv(0).Value
xStringIndexAccess = xResourceIndexAccess.getByName("String")
msgbox xStringIndexAccess.getByIndex(16390)
end sub