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In , Björn Michaelsen (bjoern-michaelsen) wrote :

following the discussion at I had a look at VclStringResourceLoader and it is broken beyond repair.

With commit

I removed the broken service and implemented a org.libreoffice.extensions.resource.ResourceStringIndexAccess service as a replacement.

Here is a piece of Basic code that shows how to use it (inspired by ):

Sub Main
dim xSM
dim xContext
dim xRSIA as Object

dim aArgs(0)
aArgs(0) = "dbw"

xSM = GetProcessServiceManager()
xContext = xSM.DefaultContext
xRSIA = xSM.createInstanceWithArguments("org.libreoffice.resource.ResourceStringIndexAccess", aArgs)
msgbox xRSIA.getByIndex(1006)
end sub

I commited the change to the feature branch gsoc2011_wizards as this change would break master because I have not yet changed the clients of VclStringResourceLoader to use ResourceStringIndexAccess instead.