Comment 27 for bug 734428

Stefano Forli (ntropia) wrote :

I confirm the problem with the 3.4.4 version under KDE, and removing libreoffice-gnome and libreoffice-gfx (it wasn't even installed actually) doesn't solve the problem (but, again, I'm under KDE).

On my files, it happens with white backgrounds and invisible gray text color.

I understand that this is not a critical bug because it doesn't affect stability, but the implications are that Libreoffice files cannot be trusted when opened in two different systems, *even* when the versions are identical (I've head of another popular commercial software showing similar problems, but at least it was mostly because of versions mismatch).

Frustrating when it happens close to a deadline, but even more disrupting when it is found in front of the audience when running the presentation.