Comment 12 for bug 1804408

------- Comment From <email address hidden> 2019-02-06 06:56 EDT-------
Looks good !

I installed the PPA (2.16-5ubuntu0.1) on Ubuntu 18.10 and configured pam_mount for user 'user' with a LUKS2 encrypted disk using secure keys:


<volume user="user" path="/dev/dasdd3" mountpoint="~"
fstype="crypt" fskeycipher="none"
fskeypath="/etc/luks_keys/user-disk.key" />

When I logon the user, it unlocks and mounts the LUKS2 volume successfully:

user@s8360029:~$ df | grep user
/dev/mapper/_dev_dasdd3 7029456 31668 6621000 1% /home/user