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Bug #1802483: Notifications emitted by a snap with local files or desktop files use wrong namespace Medium In Progress 108 weeks

From: Marco Trevisan (TreviƱo)
Link: libnotify_0.7.6-2svn1+snap-fix.debdiff


Bug #725435: notify-osd a memory hog (memory leak?) Undecided New 113 weeks

From: nh2
Link: Fix-FORCED_SHUTDOWN_THRESHOLD-leak-mitigation-being-skipped.patch

Patch fixing the shutdown limit being exceeded

Bug #1255591: [Feature request] notify-send option to change the "notify-send" app name that appears in all my notifications. Undecided New 366 weeks

From: valadil
Link: notify-send_app-label.patch

notify-send -l/--app-label

Bug #257135: notify-send(1) can't replace an existing notification Low Confirmed 445 weeks

From: Paul Collins
Link: print-and-replace-id-v3.patch

notify-send.c: add --print-id and --replace-id switches, version 3

Bug #383875: add convenience function "notify_has_server_cap" to notify.h Wishlist Triaged 600 weeks

From: Alexander Sack
Link: libnotify_server_caps_convenience.patch

with strcmp and NULL check (after hickups)

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