Comment 18 for bug 803694

Same issue on tablet Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus with Android 3 and smartphone Galaxy S II with Android 4.

Seems to be caused by Microsoft DRM added to Andoid by Samsung, which can be verified by:

1) connecting the device
2) running mtp-detect, which hangs at "Attempting to connect device(s)"
3) disconnecting the device while mtp-detect is still running. mtp-detect will then output lots of buffered info, including:

Device info:
   Manufacturer: SAMSUNG Electronics Co. Ltd.
   Model: GT-I9100
   Device version: V1.0
   Serial number: 359372049841042
   Vendor extension ID: 0x00000006
   Vendor extension description: 1.0; 11.0; 10.0;;;
   Detected object size: 64 bits
   Extensions: 1.0 11.0 10.0 10.1 1.10

Anybody here seeing the same thing?