Rhythmbox creates several error messages while writeing trough Creative ZEN

Bug #480732 reported by Jonas Schwabe on 2009-11-11
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libmtp (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

While copying files to my Creative ZEN using Rhythmbox, several message boxes pop up. Not for every track so maybe this is a converting error?!
This would not be a problem cuz the files got copied... But the System (metacity) slows down that much when more than 100 windows are opened I'm not able to work as I would like to. Opening a window takes up to a minute.
The error messages are: PTP Layer error a803: LIBMTP_Send_Representative_Sample(): could not send sample data. (AFAIC only if a file have to be converted (ogg-mp3) but not every track).
PTP Layer error 02ff: get_first_storage_freespace(): could not get storage info. (Several Times... I can't reproduce this actually.)
If this error occupies there will only one (the first) file in the queue be written. I don't know if I am allowed to attach files which are not working due to license restriction.

I did my best to write English which is readable :D Feel free to ask if my grammar or spelling is to bad to get what I am writing.

Jonas Schwabe (jonas-schwabe) wrote :
Jonas Schwabe (jonas-schwabe) wrote :

OK... my Creative ZEN just broke down... seems that I need a new Player :D I don't know if this was a bug in libmtp... I don't think that just a bug can damage the whole device?! Yeah maybe someone get the reason of this bug and fix it, I am unable to test it now. I'll check if I can repair it (do not think so), but the ZEN is old so I will buy a new player next time.

Ubu872 (ubu872) wrote :

Same problem here. The track is transfered properly but pop this error message when the track had been transfered:
PTP Layer error a803: LIBMTP_Send_Representative_Sample(): could not send sample data.

I 've also a creative zen player, and i'm using ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix.

Sorry for my bad english, if you need more information, just comment here.

Jonas Schwabe (jonas-schwabe) wrote :

It would be great if a person working on this lib can give a warenty (more or less) if using the lib can break down the Zen device, I do not have the knowledge of how USB works and don't know if my Zen broke because of this lib.
Maybe Ubu should stop syncing his Zen if there may be problems like this.

But as I said I do not have the knowledge to find out if something like this can happen.

And my English is as bad as yours as you can see :D

I confirm this bug, this is a new thing, in previous ubuntu versions it didn't occur...

Changed in libmtp (Ubuntu):
status: New → Confirmed

Hi guys,

I just came over the same error message while copying music to my Cowon iAudio7. So this is not only Zen related. Another thing I probably should mention is that the player is connected via MTP. With UMS there are no problems so far.

Hope this helps!

Kris (kristian-holsheimer) wrote :

I've been having this same problem for as long as I remember using Rhythmbox to transfer files onto my Creative Zen. I actually got used to clicking away all the popped up windows, which say

PTP Layer error a803: LIBMTP_Send_Representative_Sample(): could not send sample data.

(one for each song). Lately, however, i haven't been able to transfer tracks at all. Rhythmbox becomes extremely slow and a different dialog pops up:

PTP Layer error 02ff: get_first_storage_freespace(): could not get storage info.

The typical scenario is that the first song gets fully transfered, giving the usual "sample data" dialog. From the second song in queue and onwards, the transfers fail giving the "storage info" dialog.

I'd love to give some more info, but i don't know how. Any tips on how to get my computer to spit out some more info to would help debugging?


I had exactly the same problem as Kris (#7) a couple of days ago but since downloading the w32codecs ubuntu-restricted-extras from Medibuntu today (see https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rhythmbox/+question/32014) I only seem to get the PTP Layer error a803 message.

I've also noticed that I only get this for tracks I've downloaded (from Amazon). Podcasts and tracks ripped from CD appear to transfer with no problems.

Kris (kristian-holsheimer) wrote :

Hmm, that's odd. I've had w64codecs and ubuntu-restricted-extras installed from the start. I have found, though, that it definitely depends on which songs i try to transfer. Most songs just transfer (with or without the a803 error), but there are couple of albums that just won't get transferred beyond the first track. I've checked whether it made a difference if the songs were converted to another type of coding (like mp3 to aac or ogg, or whatever), but no luck with that either.

I was personally fed up with all of this, so now i just use windows virtually through virtualbox... :(

C.H.E.W.S. (tchews) wrote :

Same issue here is fixed by using gnomad 2 to transfer files just have to make sure its not mounted in nautilus first

C.H.E.W.S. (tchews) wrote :

So its a bug in rythme box

I've just seen this bug on my system, using Ubuntu 12.04 (64 Bit) and a Galaxy Nexus which I am syncing with a few Rhythmbox playlists. Yesterday, transfer did not work at all with storage information producing errors and showing the storage size as 9.2 EB, but after restarting of Ubuntu & phone, music sync with Ubuntu works well except from constant uttering of error messages during transfer. Messages with following message keep popping up every few seconds:
"LIBMTP_Send_Representative_Sample(): could not get object info."

fyksen (fredrik-fyksen) wrote :

Got the same problem. Ubuntu 12.10 (64 bit). Trying to sync my music to a Samsung Galaxy S2. The files are coming over, but I get the error.

Same problem here too. Galaxy Nexus, 12.10, 64 bit. Seeing as this bug is 3 years old does anybody know anything about it? Is it fixed in a more recent Rhythmbox?

gloonie (gloonie) wrote :

Same here with Sansa Zip Clip 8gb, 12.10, 32-bit. Rhythmbox 2.97.

This bug effects me on a Nexus 7, using Ubuntu 12.10

One more with this bug on ubuntu 12.04 and Nexus 4

One more with this bug on ubuntu 12.04 and Samsung wave !
PTP Layer error 02ff: LIBMTP_Delete_Object(): could not delete object.

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