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Lukas Märdian (slyon) wrote :

libgraphics-colornames-perl is pulled into main as a new "Recommends:" of libchart-perl.

It is "only" used to resolve color names in the format of "pallet:name -> ($r, $g, $b)" (e.g. "pallet:red -> (255, 0, 0)"). It's an optional runtime dependency.

I think it should be dropped to a Suggests, as this doesn't seem to be critical functionality that we'd want to support in "main".

OTOH, I started wondering why "libchart-perl" is in "main" in the first place. Ignoring the new libgraphics-colornames-perl dependency for now, it is a leave package itself:

$ reverse-depends src:libchart-perl
No reverse dependencies found

It is only pulled into main due to being listed in the "supported-development-desktop" seed:

I could not find any proper MIR and rational for it being seeded about libchart-perl. So I wonder if we should drop it from the seed? Being listed in a *-desktop seed maybe the Desktop team could answer if this is still needed, and if so, if they want to take over the ownership of this package from Foundations?