Comment 2 for bug 367450

Raf Geens (rafgeens) wrote :

I had the same issue with the same DVD on a clean Ubuntu 9.10 install.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Insert the Planet Earth DVD
2. Open the dvd with the default Movie Player in the popup
3. Play the dvd
4. Crash

See the attached libdvdnav_error_totem_bbcdvd for the output when running totem in a terminal, as well as libdvdnav_error_vlc_bbcdvd for vlc.

Since I remembered from the previous time that I got it to work after playing several other DVD's, I tried playing a Battlestar Galactica DVD that had the same 2+4 region. That one played correctly (see the attached libdvdnav_success_totem_bsg). When I tried the Planet Earth DVD again, it played correctly as well (libdvdnav_success_totem_bbcdvd).