Comment 34 for bug 445852

I'm a bit disappointed that the previously mentioned kernel bug is discarded so quickly. Could it not still be related? There are indeed no *optical* drives to be polled, however, on the acer one there are 2 card readers (= pollable removeable media drives). Since the kernel bug report claims that the problem is caused by a removeable media drive choking on the polling commands, could one of the card readers not be the cause?

So I tried 'hal-disable-polling' on the card readers...

One reader marked as 'storage extension' is /dev/mmcblk0, and is apparently not seen as a removeable device (message by hal-disable-polling). The other... doesn't seem to work. I get no response whatsoever when inserting or removing and sd card (which only raises my suspicion). Hence, I don't know its /dev/ name, and dont know what to give hal-disable-polling as --device argument. Maybe the device is not even detected at boot?

Anyone else care to investigate on his/her laptop? (I'd really hate to switch back to 9.04)