Comment 277 for bug 445852

theluketaylor (ekul-taylor) wrote :

@Jim Connor

Yes, I reported this 6 months ago. I'm more than a little frustrated it hasn't been fixed yet, especially since in comment 203 I read this:

"So in summary, the problem is fixed in the lucid version of libatasmart. While the code could be a little more robust for future extensions (which I'll discuss in the upstream bug), there are currently no code paths which can lead to the situation that triggers HSM violations."

I assumed based on that when I upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04 I would have no issues. I did a fresh install and it went fine until I rebooted into the new system. Then I got the same errors I reported oh so long ago. The work around from 9.10 worked, though the SMART udev rules are now located in a different file (80-udisks.rules)