Comment 274 for bug 445852

ipig (infopiggy) wrote :

When i boot up a live (nightly) build from Tuesday/27th i get an error saying a hard disk has health problems (ATA ASUS-PHISON SSD/TST2.0L4) (Port 2 of PATA Host Adapter) (8.1GB) (/dev/sdb)

SMART Status: Disk Failure is Imminent

ID: 235 / Good Block Rate (Number of available reserved blocks as a percentage of the total number of reserved blocks) Assessment: Failing / Normalized: 1 / Worst: 1 / Threshold: 3 / Value: N/A

I don't really know what the deal is. Maybe the disk really is failing. It's been failing for a while+ then.

Maybe libatasmart just brings out the worst of it. I'm a little split still.