Comment 268 for bug 445852

Jarige (jarikvh) wrote :

I can confirm that I still have this bug having all updates installed in Lucid.

I was told (by Martin Pitt) to execute the following command:
sudo strace -vvfs1024 -o /tmp/probe-smart.txt /lib/udev/udisks-probe-ata-smart /dev/sda

And add /tmp/probe-smart.txt as an attachment. So I did that, hoping it would help... I did this without applying any workaround (except for the one that was auto-released with Karmic, but the problems reappeared in Lucid)

Basically, I don't understand anything of this bug. I don't know how to apply the workaround on an already installed UNR, since the explanation only states booting from a LiveCD, and I don't know whether the workaround has any bad side effects.

How do I apply the workaround on my machine, on an already installed UNR?