Comment 2 for bug 1768855

Robert Strube (robstrube) wrote :

I can also confirm that I also have similar problems when attempting to run ufraw. I discovered it when trying to setup ufraw-batch as my thumbnailer for RAW files (specifically for me olympus .orf files).

I've discovered the following debian bug report which I believe is related. It's actually caused by liblensfun (which ufraw-batch is compiled against by default).

When ufraw-batch runs (as the thumbnailer) my syslog fills up with these messages (one for each attempted thumbnail generation):

May 26 12:49:13 RYZEN kernel: [ 2896.326150] ufraw-batch[16764]: segfault at 38 ip 00007f800c2d4b64 sp 00007fff8280a470 error 4 in[7f800c2c1000+1a000]

I did some more investigation, and the ufraw developers claim it's a bug in liblensfun that needs to be fixed.