Comment 5 for bug 149944

I agree with depp that it would be more consistent and
visually pleasant if the dedicated Latin serif fonts are placed
above CJK ones.

There are lot of limitations for the Latin glyphs in CJK fonts,
particularly in UMing/UKai: they are mono-spaced, with
neither hinting nor kerning, and have never been optimized
as Dejavu/Droid/Liberation etc. The embedded bitmaps
are quite rough: the baselines are not aligned, the serifs
are not consistent and lots of glyphs fills the whole EM
which glues the adjacent bitmap glyphs together (for example,
"zr" and "200" as in Arne's screenshots).

Monospaced Latins are primarily good for console or
editors; in other places, they are much inferior to
proportional ones. To put Dejavu serif or Droid
Serif above UMing is highly desired for CJK locales.